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5/27/98Year 2000 logicThis FAQ explains how Webdata handles 2 digit years
to remain year 2000 compliant.
10/4/98Internal Server ErrorsWhen I try to load the search page or submit the administration login page I get 'Internal Server Error'
12/9/98Common reasons for Internal Server ErrorsHere are some of the common reasons for
installations returning an internal server error
1/13/99Bug Fix for NT serversOn an NT server, only 'document contains no data' is returned.
6/3/99Problems Installing on Windows 95/98/NTWhen setting up the IIS server to execute Perl scripts,
you need to make an entry in the system registry to
let the webserver know that .pl means c:\perl\bin\perl.exe or wherever
perl is on your system.

This is seperate from the file type associations for Windows.
Step-by-step instructions are included here.
10/2/99Advanced Searching TipsA description of how to use Perl's Regular Expressions to be more complex and specific about what text you search for.
10/5/99Changing the options in a select list on the flyThis FAQ explains how to make the options in one select list change when a value is chosen in another select list.
10/14/99Adding a Shopping CartThis FAQ includes a detailed description of how to link Webdata
to your shopping cart of choice.
10/28/99How to upgradeStep by step instructions for upgrading to a new version using the upgrade.pl utility.
12/19/99Building searches into text linksHow to put a link such as
"Show all foobar category"
on your web page.
1/15/01Requiring fields on a search or submit pageHow to require a value in a form field before the form can be submitted:
3/20/2001Different layouts from the same data (cloning the database)How can I have one search form which displays the data this way,
and another which displays it that way? For instance, I may want
to limit the fields available to general visitors, but make all of
the data visible to members, or I might want to use a different
language for each of 4 search pages. The answer is called
"cloning" the database, and it is described here.
4/2/01CGI open of tmpfile: No such file or directorySolution for the
"CGI open of tmpfile: No such file or directory" error on Windows NT Servers.
4/2/01Search results in rowsThis FAQ describes how to put the template
in rows, so that the results template can appear
2 or 3 (or more) to a line, rather than in a single column.
4/2/01Using 2 boxes to search a range of values2 examples of using JavaScript to search for a range
of values without requiring the user to enter
"between lowvalue and highvalue"
10/21/02How to configure Perl and MySQL on a Windows serverSee this page:
10/28/02Wrong date, extra "1" in front of timestamp and will not modifyThe symptoms described in the title of this FAQ are a bug that
surfaced when Perl 5.8.0 was released. It has been fixed in version
2.41q. See the FAQ on upgrading and download the latest release
for free from the Webdata Classic home page.
2/6/03ePowerCart w/ Authorize Net users must upgradeAuthorize Net has disabled the Weblink 2.0 method that was originally
built into ePowerCart, and will be disabling Weblink 3.0 shortly.
A new registered version of ePowerCart is available which
uses Authorize Net's SIM method.

If you have registered Webdata Classic with the ePowerCart module,
and you use Authorize Net as your payment service, please contact
Webteacher Software right away to obtain the updated version.

The SIM method is almost the same
as Weblink (pass the amount and description on to https://secure.authorize.net
and complete the order on their secure server), however it requires
a "fingerprint" value, which is an encrypted concatonation of the
userid, timestamp, and a special "transaction code" which you will need
to get from Authorize Net's "settings" page.

Webdata Pro has the new Authorize Net schema built into version 1.52h.
1/9/04WD Classic Intermittent 'No Value for cgifunction', 500 errors, and blank pagesWhen you experience inconsistent problems with
500 errors, blank pages, and "there is no value for cgifunction", and the page fails to load, but then work on reload, it is probably the mod_perl sticky variables bug.
9/14/2004Speeding up MySQLProblem: Your database searches are too slow even though you've indexed the search fields.
3/6/2005Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL clientRob,

Iím setting up a instant of WebData Pro and I get the following error when I try and login. Any ideas what this really means?

Could not connect to "dbi:mysql:[database]","[username]"

Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

Iím using the latest version of mySql. Iím stuck.


7/6/2005Duplicate entry '32767' for key 1Every time you try to add or import a record you receive:

The mysql database returned an error while processing your request.
The SQL statement was: [your SQL statement]

The database returned this: Duplicate entry '32767' for key 1
4/18/07Inserting dynamic select lists into a static html pageHow can I create a custom search page or add form and have it include a select list that changes when the database is updated?

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