What is a Webteacher Clinic?

Learn by example. Let us show you how to do it.
When you sign up for a clinic, you and no more than 15 other people will join together in a 90 minute web meeting using GoToMeeting™ software from Citrix. You may use either your telephone or a computer headset to listen to the presentation and ask questions. How it works
No software is required. A few minutes before your clinic, you will receive an e-mail with a meeting ID number, a link and a telephone number. When you click the link, your browser will automatically install the GoToMeeting software. Enter your meeting ID at the prompt and a window will open up on your screen showing every movement, click and detail on your instructor's screen in real time.

There are 2 ways join the conversation. If you have a headset for your computer just plug it in. Otherwise, dial the phone number displayed in your GoToMeeting console. Your instructor will greet each student and ask them about their programming background and goals for this class. As the class begins, your instructor will bring up code samples in large color-coded text and highlight certain segments with a mouse as s/he refers to them. You will see him/her type changes into the script, and then switch to a web browser to demonstrate the effects. To help you remember it, the sample code and some practice assignments will be available for download after the class. Students are encouraged to ask questions, so don't be shy.

The instructor's screen will appear on your desktop as clearly as your own icons. The experience is very much like being in a computer training class, but better. The screen is much easier to see than a projection and you don't have to travel to take the class.

Clinics are more focused on a few specific tasks than all-day classes. Instead of spending 6 hours introducing you to theory, our clinics will show you how to approach a certain programming challenge, and explain how it works as we do it. High speed interenet is required.

JavaScript Clinics  

If you have never programmed before, these clinics are for you. The same people that wrote 'JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer' will guide you through the essential skills to turn you from a read-only web designer into a dynamic content web guru.

PHP and Perl  

The real power behind web scripting lies with these 2 languages. They perform tasks on the server, allowing you to interact with mail, databases, text files, imaging programs, and anything else you have installed -- then produce custom generated pages without revealing their source code to prying eyes.

Web Database Techniques  

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