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From the makers of Webdata, Webteacher Software introduces an e-commerce solution with the power to meet your most demanding online sales needs.
POWER... because ePOWERcart integrates seemlessly with Webdata. You can use Webdata to manage your fields, records, templates, uploads, pictures, layout, and search pages.  ePOWERcart adds an "Add to cart" button to each search result.
POWER... because you can have an unlimited number of checkout options such as size, color, and style customized for every product. Some or all of those checkout options can include a price variation. 
POWER... because it can be set up in minutes. Just upload 1 file, and you'll get a "configure shopping cart" button in Webdata.  The configuration screen has menu options to choose your price, description, weight, and tax fields. Shipping, taxation, e-mail, button images, and card processing options are all configured with a browser and a mouse.
POWER... because it can calculate shipping costs for UPS, Fedex, percentage of total price, or ranges of total price. 
POWER... because it can interface automatically with AuthorizeNet, Processing.Net, CardService, Anacom, and Signio. If you have your own secure server, it can save the card information in a safe directory for secure retrieval.

Still MORE POWER....

What could add more power to Webteacher's 100% customizable e-commerce solution?  Why, a souped up server to host it, of course.  Introducing Webteacher's Hosting Services:
MORE POWER Hosted on dual processor PIII machines w/ tons of RAM, Webdata searches are delivered with BLINDING FAST SPEED.  A 6MB data log took under 0.1 seconds to search with Webdata.  We tested files as large as 95MB without memory errors.
STILL MORE POWER Those 3 fast machines are plugged directly into Brook Fiber's OC12 backbone (that's 12 T3 lines, folks).  No bandwidth problems here.  
YET MORE POWER Your database and shopping cart will be installed and configured by the same programmers that wrote the software.  You could not ask for a more qualified team to create your online business, or make custom alterations to the code.  
AND FOR SAFETY... So you can sleep well at night we have nightly backups to two locations, redundant T3 lines to alternate providers, 24 hour staff, 20 minutes of UPS power buffering, and an on-site diesel generator in case of a power outage.

RATES: All hosting services include  FTP, telnet, CGI, e-mail,  domain name, and 500MB of  disk space. We can also arrange  for credit card merchant accounts, online card processing accounts, and secure server certificates as needed.
Hosting Accounts $30/Month, and 10% off of Software registration. See Hosting for details
Webdata Pro with ePowerCart included $599
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