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Convert spreadsheets to Google Maps - a point-and-click interface to Google Maps API

Click here to go to GoogleMapBuilder.com

Using AJAX technology, Google(tm) has released a revolutionary mapping system.

A Google Map allows the user to drag the map around, switch to satellite view, and change zoom levels without refreshing the page. Using the Google Maps API, a webmaster can generate as many map markers as they want, and give each one the ability to show pictures, links, and more information in a custom "callout box" when clicked. See the demo below. Find your house. See how your roof looks!

... Loading Map ...

You can learn more about the Google Maps API on their web site. The API will be all you need if you know JavaScript programming, you don't mind taking the time to get the latitude and longitude for each address, and you can recreate the file as needed.

As Webteacher Software's mission is to put the power of advanced web design into your hands, we have developed
a tool
1. Upload a spreadsheet or text file
2. Generate the map.
It does a little more than that. It uses templates to configure the popup bubble and side navigation. You can set it to circle a general region if you don't want to reveal an exact address, and you can insert search boxes into the header so that users can narrow down the addresses they want to see quickly.

No software is required. It is a web-based tool, so you can use it with any web browser, and the resulting Google Map is a self-contained HTML file which can be placed on any web site.

Webteacher Software - web database connectivity experts and now web mapping experts.

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