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The Echo script

This script will display whatever text was entered into the HTML form.  It is a simple example of how the information is passed to your program.  Since you now have a template.txt file with the correct path to Perl and Sendmail, you only need to edit the BODY of the CGI from now on.

  • Copy and paste the BODY section of the following script into template.txt, and save it as a new page called 'test2.cgi'.
  • Use your FTP program to upload test2.cgi to the perltour folder (or the cgi-bin).
  • Then from a Unix prompt, change to the perltour (or cgi-bin) directory and type chmod a+rx test2.cgi to set the privilages.
  • You should now be able to point your browser to  testform.htm on your server, and test the form.

  • When you fill in the form and press 'Test It', the CGI should tell you what you entered.

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
#*****************BEGIN BODY*************

print "<h1>Thank you for filling out the form</h1>";

$firstname = $value[0];
$lastname = $value[1];
$email = $value[2];
print "Your first name is $firstname<BR>";
print "Your last name is $lastname<BR>";
print "Your e-mail is $email<BR>";
#***************END BODY******************
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