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CGI - A free tutorial for the Total Non-Programmer.
CGI - Let's get startedCGI - Introduction to Perl

Breaking down the code,
an introduction to Perl.

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

#*****************BEGIN BODY*************

The first line of every CGI in Unix is the path to the program which will run it.  Remember, yours may be different because you substitued the path to Perl on your machine. The server will follow that path, locate Perl, and then use the Perl interpreter to execute the program.  This is the only line which begins with a hash mark (#) and has some meaning to the program.  Throughout the remainder of the program, the # symbol is a comment, and the program will disregard anything which follows it.

The third line is one command, &readparse; .
This calls a subroutine (like executing a function in JavaScript) located down below the body, which imports all of the text entered in the HTML form.

The fourth line is required for all CGI programs.  It tells the server that anything we choose to print should be returned as an HTML document.

These lines will never change, so from now on we will only focus on the contents of the BODY section.

BACKLook at the BODY of our program

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